“Through a DNA swab I found out I was genetically predisposed to artery and heart issues. Luckily My Personal Best Health was able to detect and chart my arterial health using a new technology and the report showed me that I was off the chart. I had no idea this was going on! The team at My Personal Best Health  worked with me and my doctor to restore my arteries to a healthier state. I feel this saved my life. ”

Scotts Valley, Ca

“I highly recommend Linda Crouse as an expert on health and DNA nutrition. It’s amazing that we have the ability to prevent health problems by identifying real risks within our DNA and helping our bodies help themselves. Amazing!”

Mahlah K.
Aptos, Ca

ForU is a remarkable product. As a health care professional I am constantly seeking the highest quality products with the most health affirming benefits. I feel confident in ForU and take it daily. I recommend it to my patients, everyone can benefit from this product. ForU sources the highest quality ingredients, it is a company committed to the highest standards of excellence.”

Katie B
Santa Cruz, CA

“Take the guess work out of supplementation.  Linda customizes your supplement regimen based on your DNA.  In the long run, you’ll save time and money because you won’t buy vitamins you don’t need. She  is on the cutting edge of Nutrition and Health Science.”

Carolyn A
Aptos, CA

” I have taken the supplements that have been customized for my own DNA for a long time  now and highly recommend them to any one.I believe in the quality of the product and highly recommend Linda Crouse to anyone who may be searching for advice,information and knowledge on how to age successfully and what is best for anyone’s individual needs.I have also done the heart screening and recommend this to. Linda has a genuine love for people and really gives her best to be helpful to you. Debra Cady Hair designer.”

Debra C
Santa Cruz, CA

“I’ve been using the products from this company for a year now and I feel great! I love that the supplements are customized to my individual DNA.

It makes so much sense to take a Nutritional product that is built for you and has all the support you need. We all have certain aspects of our genetic history that might be compromised, so why not find out what that is and do something about it. I’ll never use anything else! Thanks to all the staff at “My Personal Best Health” for your support.”

Tracy Taylor
Santa Cruz, Ca

“Linda Crouse has helped my wife enormously. She tested her arteries and found then to be much stiffer than my wife would have at her age. Then she gave her a supplement with L-argenine called Pro-Algi 9 plus. Now my wife tests as having arteries of a 20 year old and her symptoms of hearing heartbeats are gone.  Thank you Linda Crouse!!!!”

Dan M.
Santa Cruz, CA