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Do You Take Nutritional Supplements?

How do you know if you are taking the right ones and they are right for you ?

What form of CoQ10 should you be taking  as 1/3 of the population can only use a certain one?

Are you taking too much or too little calcium or vitamin D ?

Do You Know If Your Arteries & Heart Are Healthy?

Many People With NO Signs, especially women, have heart attacks!

Are your arteries older then your actual age?


Advanced Heart & Cardiovascular Screening

See A Potential Heart Attack Before  It Devastates You!

Heart and cardiovascular disease kills more of us than any other cause. For about half of us, the first symptom of heart disease IS a heart attack, which is disproportionately fatal to women.


One of the best predictors of heart attack and stroke is artery stiffness. The best measure of stiffness is CASP (central aortic systolic pressure) which few screening devices measure. Our breakthrough, FDA-approved screening devices measures your CASP with 99.17% accuracy of a cardiac catheterization.


Genetic Assessment & Customized Products Made Just for YOU

It Is All In Your DNA

Did you know that tiny variations in your DNA can profoundly affect your health? Science has proven you can have a positive impact on how your genes work and compensate for areas in which your genes are not functioning at optimum levels.

  • Weight Loss 
  • Anti-Aging
  • Heart and Cardiovascular Health
  • Skin Health
  • Brain & Cognitive Health
  • Bone Density
  • Detoxifying Foreign Chemicals
  • Antioxidants to Fight the Free Radicals
  • Eye Health
  • Healthy Lung & Breast Tissue 
  • Healthy Cartilage, Ligaments, Tendons 
  • Overactive inflammation


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