Heart Screening

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Great strides continue to be made in understanding the complex development and prevention of heart disease.

Heart Disease, the Number 1 Killer, is Preventable!

My Personal Best Health uses state of the art¬† “Central Blood Pressure & Arterial Stiffness Machines” that can measures the blood pressure in the arm (Brachial Blood Pressure) and at the heart (Central Blood Pressure) in one simple step.

Medical science has long since known that central blood pressure was the gold standard of blood pressure measurements. For it only stands to reason that a measurement closer to the heart and brain, must be more predictive for heart disease and stroke, than a measurement further away in the arm. Because the heart pumps directly to the brain and other vital organs, it is here where high pressure can do the most damage.

 Science was not able to accurately, non-invasively and affordably measure central blood pressure, until recent breakthroughs in technology

Measuring the arterial stiffness, enables you to identify and treat cardiovascular disease before it strikes and evaluate if a medication, nutraceutical, change of life style, or new dietary changes are improving your HEART health.We love the device for the following reasons:
  • Affordable with the highest accuracy available
  • With clinical accuracy, it non-invasively provides measurements that previously required invasive procedures.
  • It is easy to use, repeatable, accurate and fast.

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