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Enjoy your consultation from the comfort of your own home, at a time convenient for you.  My Personal Best Health offers genetic assessment  services. Our genetic assessment technicians will make sure that you are fully informed on understanding your genetic assessment and what it means to you. They have nutritional backgrounds.

DNA disadvantages can be detected using what is called SNP testing. “SNP” stands for single nucleotide polymorphism, which is a small variation in your DNA. Several of these SNPs can affect the health of your arteries, your heart, your detoxification system, your lungs, your collagen, your bones, skin, your immune system and more.

This DNA testing very much relates to heart health. Disadvantaged DNA can interfere with the healthy aging of your cardiovascular system, an issue critical to men and women, but especially to women who are now having more heart attacks than men. Disadvantaged DNA (or SNPS) such as MTRR, MTHFR, TNF-ALPHA, PON-1, NQ01, ApoB, and CYP11B2 are detected in your DNA testing can affect your heart health. You can see these SNPs in your DNA report, and our technicians will explain exactly what they mean for your health and what is being done for you in your customized nutrition.

Some genes also can affect how our bodies detox. Our immune systems are also under constant siege working 24/7 to destroy the impurities in the air we breathe, the food we eat, the water we drink, and the chemicals we put on our skin. All these chemicals flood our system with dangerous free radicals contributing to oxidative stress, which can be a key cause of heart and other issues.

The good news is that your DNA is used to match your nutrition to your DNA so you get the optimal nutritional support possible, especially for your disadvantaged DNA. Your DNA customized nutrition is one out of a half million possible formulations, just for YOUR genetics.

To understand your DNA is an exciting window on YOU– you finally can get insight in to that part of us we usually never get to see. We promise you a fascinating and useful session!

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