Genetic Assessment Partners Page

This page is to help our business partners and distributors focus on the areas of the business we feel are making the largest difference and to help individuals not get confused.

The goal of the team is to always help people find out their genetics to be more informed of how their body works and in the long run have custom products made for them based on their DNA. That means in most cases leading with the product first to a consumer with no focus on the business.


In web addresses below where you read “” put in the name you registered as your business.


For Customers

Here are the consumer focused options we suggest:

Type What’s Included Cost Commission Tools
Pilot Project Genetic Assessment $99 $30.00 See:      Special Instructions
Step 1:  Understanding_YOUR_DNA
Step 2:  Understanding_Your_DNA_Assessment
Form:    Auth_Form-one-time-payment-MPBH

Personal Follow Up to Purchase Product

Website Genetic Assessment
1st month of nutritional
Free Shake
$198 $40.00 website:
eBook:    Foru Customer eBook
1 Month of Skin Repair Serum
Plus 1 time DNA personalization fee ($69)
1 Canister (30 servings) The Perfect Shake
$168 $34.00 website:
eBook:    Foru Customer eBook

For Brand Partners

To build a very large business, one of the most effective ways to to work with already existing businesses or networks that already have a large customer base.

Here are the business partner focused options we suggest:

Special Promotion Buy 4 Perfect Shakes
Brand partner Registration
PLUS Core+ Nutrition
Personal DNA Assessment
PLUS our $99 Serum
$247 $83.00 Website:
eBook:      Foru Business Partner eBook

Look forward to your feedback from the field.


Special Email Tool- Pilot Swab

This will send emails every 4 days to the person who is purchasing the $99 Assessment. If you have sold one – please be sure to enter them here otherwise they will get no information!

 Pilot Swab Email Campaign