DNA Repair – AC11

Up until about age 30, the body’s self repair mechanism efficiently repairs DNA Damage.  After age 30, the body’s self-repair is less efficient.  DNA damage is a results of Sun Exposure, Toxins, Stress, Pollution, Cellular Oxidative Stress (includes excessive exercise), Non-Oxidative Stress and other items.  Damaged DNA, if un-repaired, replicates itself in a damaged state leading to aging and disease.

order2DNA Damage Occurs Constantly: 74,000 DNA Insults Per Cell Daily.  There are Trillions of cells in the body.  A cells unwounded DNA would be approximately Six feet Long.  There is a constant need for DNA repair.

All the benefits derived from AC11 is based upon their evolutionary DNA repair pathways to self-heal.  The patented actives in AC-11® promote and up-regulate the biological activity, while at the same time apparently being regulated by the body’s needs and internal intelligence.

AC-11® is a safe, all natural water soluble botanical extract derived from a plant, Uncaria tomentosa, indigenous to the Amazon Rainforest.  Produced under Industry GMP’s and guidelines for environmental sustainability, along with social and community developmental programs,   AC-11® has become an ancient solution for modern health problems.  AC-11® has been researched for over 15 years with scores of published studies and 10 U.S. patents issued.

AC-11® Health Benefits (sources):

  1. Enhances natural DNA repair
  2. Supports healthy immune system function
  3. Increases repair of sun-damaged skin
  4. Acts as a natural anti-inflammatory
  5. Improves neuro-genic lifestyle factor modulation
  6. Improves anti-oxidant status
  7. Increases collagen III expression in the skin

What is aging?  Quite simply, aging is the accumulation of damage to our DNA as we age.  Unrepaired damaged gets copied into future generations of cells.  Left unrepaired this DNA damage leads to accelerated aging and the development of degenerative diseases (such as inflammation, etc.). Fortunately nature and evolution have provided us with a solution for this damaging problem, it is called DNA repair.