My mission is to make our later years our best years.

I have watched friends and family work hard and  finally retire, only to find their golden years are not so golden. The ability to wake up pain-free and feeling good, to have enough energy, and to sleep soundly have become distant memories for them.

 I am here to help myself and others not go there.

Problems that can plague us as we get older, problems that can interfere with our aging well, or even shorten our lives, in many cases can be solved for before they become major issues.  I look for science validated information, technologies and products that are affordable and help us live longer healthier lives.

I have used the word “I” but it should be “we”. I am a science person and my work partner, Andy Van Valer,  is a business person and  together we are a great combination. That and our community of people is what put us here.

Our goals are to live lives of purpose, to empower others and the community for better and, me personally, to make room for adventure no matter our age.