Live Well and Age Well! …It’s All In Your DNA

Hi, my name is Linda Crouse.

Did you know that tiny variations in your DNA can dramatically affect your heart and your ability to age well?  Do you know we can now do something about them?

Did you know there is a LIFE SAVING heart technology that few know about which is saving lives, including mine?

I have been involved in the health and wellness industry for most of my life, and have cultivated an understanding of just how precious health truly is. It is both my responsibility and my passion to help others find that understanding as well.

When I reached my retirement years, I began to decline. I was succumbing to all kinds of health problems and despite great doctors and lots of supplements; I just couldn’t stop that decline. My “golden years” weren’t so golden after all.

To empower myself  I started studying the latest health technologies and the science behind them, and became certified in several nutritional modalities. Thanks to many new breakthroughs, I now feel and look better than I did ten years ago.

Am I excited? …..You bet! Now, I want to help others achieve wellness too—I believe our health is the most important asset we have for enjoying family and life. My mission for myself and others is to make our later years our best years.

Because of my background in science at U.C. Berkeley and in computers at U.C. Davis, I began my career in Biocomputing. I worked at Stanford Medical Center, working with the research arm of the heart transplant team, pharmacologists, neurologists and more.

Many, many decades later, when I retired I had become the coordinator for the Healthy Start program in our community. There, my job and passion, was to help and empower people to achieve their personal best.

I hope to inspire you to start your own journey and empower yourself to find your best health. There are incredible breakthroughs which we will share with you– accessible, affordable technologies that you may not know about, yet they can change your life. They saved mine.

We are all not the same and that’s the best place to start.

I hope this information that we’ve gathered over the years helps start your journey to achieve the health you are looking for so you can –

Live well and Age well….


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